Minus five

Minus five"Kuban" announced the breakup immediately with five players, including Sekou only played a prominent role in the first part of the season. Our website talks about leaving the Krasnodar players and talks about what positions need strengthening.Work in "Kuban" boils that should please fans excited autumn coaching reshuffle and the rumors that the home team the edge may lose funding. While announcing about the parting, but the Director General assured that breeding work at this stage is very active, and "lead" the residents of both the Legionnaires and the Russians, and in January we can expect official news on the replenishment. But first, about those who left. Perhaps the most was the formal termination of the relationship with Anton Secret that recent years went on leases or played for the youth team. But what was the debut of this forward! It's been almost three years since then, as Anton came on as a substitute in the closing stages of the match with CSKA, to save the Fatherland. Читать полностью -->

Logical interchange

Logical interchange I had to wait patiently for another defeat in the principal match that happened - Oleh Blokhin is no longer the coach of Kiev "Dynamo". Our site agree with the majority opinion - worse team this certainly will not be.The important match between Dynamo and Shakhtar ended with the victory of the Donetsk team with the score 2:0, goals scored by Luiz Adriano, who recently remarkable for himself the quickness, but it remains a very controversial character, for the open provocation Kiev fans not paint professional. How to dye coach Blokhin mess in the defensive Dynamo. Guests as played map in the style of CSKA - individual class attacking players who can quickly go on the attack, summed up with an incompetent opponent, and got a margin of two goals to start the second half playing. The Dynamo, which is characteristic of this composition, I tried to cling to the first goal, but Pyatov, who had returned to Shakhtar's first team, held a "clean sheet", and in the style of Akinfeev in such matches almost did nothing. All done for him, the Brazilians in the face of taison and Adriano, because the first scoring combination turned gorgeous, with a cut through the transfer, the wall and rolling back the heel at impact forward.Achilles ' heel Dynamo is not the first year is the organization of the game. Читать полностью -->

11 persons, uniting atlГ©tico and real Madrid

11 persons, uniting atlГ©tico and real MadridFrom the legendary Bernabeu until at least the famous Raul, from the stellar Shuster to the irrepressible Hugo Sanchez в in the history of real Madrid and atlГ©tico enough people, uniting clubs, and Our site says about them on the eve of the Derby.Traitor to friendship. Santiago BernabeuWith fourteen Santiago was "creamy". But why for one season dropped out of the list, where's the striker? "Meringues" I don't like to remember this story: Santiago succumbed to the entreaties of a friend, another former player of real Madrid and the then President of atlГ©tico Julian Route, and changed the club. Might have been a "traitor" at all times, after all, managed to be photographed in a new form and even spent, if the witnesses are not confused, one match, but we have bureaucratic problems, and "prodigal son" back home. The Bernabeu long denied that was the "mattress", but the episode is interesting, because Santiago is a symbol of real Madrid.Lost a star. Raul GonzalezBut this story is known, no one hides the details. Читать полностью -->

Not to yawn!

Not to yawn!The Russian team will begin the selection for Euro 2016 qualifying match against modest Liechtenstein, and Our website offers to conduct the match with the maximum benefit - there is a chance to start the campaign in France with a major victory, not indulging in personnel and tactical experiments.Somewhere we've met...Russian national team has twice crossed paths with Liechtenstein in the qualifying tournaments, and despite the fact that this "dwarf" we have 100% results - four wins in four matches, comanducci from the small but proud Principality every time played the role of "black cat". Being in the same group with Liechtenstein, we waved past the 2006 world Cup, and four years later he repeated the same simple trick, having missed the trip to South Africa. I want to believe that for qualifications of the European Championships evil magic that opponent does not apply. Away games in Vaduz the Russians have always been a hard - won twice, but strained, with the difference of one goal, at home a little easier, overall score goals at the moment - 8:1. Half of these goals at the expense of the players that Fabio Capello trusts today. We have a real expert in disputes with Liechtenstein" - Alexander Kerzhakov thrice upset this team, current captain, Vasily Berezutsky, too, once wrote on the gate of the "kids", it was in St. Читать полностью -->

The guard at the gate

The guard at the gateGood traditions should be honored, and Our website at the end of the year offers You to choose the best players of the first part of the championship of Russia. Begin traditionally with candidates goalies, and this time the vote may be hot!Anton Kochenkov ("Mordovia")What place would "Mordovia", if not great game captain and goalkeeper? Anton spent many wonderful match against "torpedo" famously worked, and "Zenith" has helped to beat, and with Lokomotiv acted well, so no time was the main hero of the tour of the goalkeepers, so he should be here. And it is worth noting another trump card Kosenkova - criticism. The goalkeeper of "Mordovia" after games in which he fails to save the team, for example, as against Spartak, always takes responsibility, he examines episodes of the game, we immediately see that the goalkeeper is competent, reads the game well ready to change tactics game protection. Simply put - the leader of "Mordovia".Jaroslav Gozaru ("Terek")Not to score a penalty is harder than the score is the opinion of Gozaru, although he managed to beat hitters who came to the "point". However, in episodes of the game, and when other standards Yaroslav also showed a decent game, he rightly continues the tradition of Andrei Dikan in the "Terek", and without such a goalkeeper team Rakhimov it would be hard to beat the venerable rivals like "Zenith". Читать полностью -->

A valuable lesson

A valuable lesson"Krasnodar" knew what was coming, and the "San Sebastian" came under brutal onslaught of evil Basque. Dikan saved, rang the crossbar, moments guests remained without realization, and as a result the minimum victory Sociedad. Our site is about the real start of the European Cup for the bulls.The increased vulnerability of the Russian clubs in European competition, about which we are speaking is not the first year is the lack of stylistic variety in the championship of Russia. A lot of uniformity, defined boundaries erased. Most teams prefer to pass the ball and watch what happens, strive to work with the space and other people's mistakes. If in the HRC team is similar to "real Sociedad" - that is... Читать полностью -->

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